PLEASE NOTE:  To ensure Spa Suite, Group, and Bridal Reservations are done correctly, we require these reservations be made over the phone with a Guest Relations Team Member.   Your events are very important; William Wesley Event Coordinators will relieve you of any stress or concern to make your moment special.  Give us a call at (563)386-7880.

William Wesley is an optimistic team of innovators committed to World-Class experiences.  Indisputable devotion to the art of imagination and aspiration of well being are vital to our mission.  We honor our guests with luxurious tailor-made therapies and products for a welcoming, warm, refined experience in the spa.

With technical excellence, progressive exploration, incomparable energy and artist integrity dynamic talents emerge from the salon.  By encouraging unified team development, guest relations and education we have grown to be leaders of industry standards in design and innovation.


Monday - Friday 8:00 am to 8:00 pm

Saturday 8:00 am to 6:00 pm

Sunday 10:00 am to 4:00 pm


Thank you for choosing William Wesley Grand Salon and Spa!  Whether you are a savvy salon and spa connoisseur or a first-time companion, a luxurious journey awaits you.  The moment you arrive you will be greeted by an inviting smile from a support team member guiding you to your destination.  Enter the Grand Spa and let the healing powers of aromatherapy surround you with William Wesley's Signature Scent stimulating your senses helping set your one of a kind experience.  Sink into the cozy chairs in the spa lounge and listen to the water, melting your cares away.  Enjoy some fresh water infused with seasonal fruit as well as a healthy snack.  Sit back and relax until your team member whisks you away to a dream land.  Dance into the Grand Salon where the upbeat music and enthusiastic stylists will reinvent your look with vivacity and excitement.  Enjoy a cold water or a hot coffee and begin to unwind awaiting your transformation.  Expert stylists will educate you on current trends as well as step by step tutorials on maintaining your look at home.

William Wesley Signature Products have been designed to completely satisfy all of your needs and concerns.  The dedicated team at William Wesley Grand Salon and Spa invite you to experience beauty and wellness the William Wesley way!

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William Wesley Grand Salon and Spa Team Members

Calm your thoughts...relax your body...enjoy your visit.